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School of Thai Healing Arts

Welcome to SOTHA, our aim is to present quality training in the art of Nuad Bo Ruan, and related Thai healing practices, without compromising either tradition or modernity. Our courses are the result of many years training and applying the various methods of Thai massage and studies in both europe and Thailand.

The theoretical aspects of our courses derive from the studies of Traditional Thai Medicine, which is itself a regional variation of Buddhist Medicine. The essential theory which we use is that of the 6 elements (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Space and Conciousness) and their manifestaions and interactions in the 5 bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Physical)  and 5 layers of the physical body ( Skin, Tissue, Channels, Bone, Organs) . We believe that all body processes can be explained and understood through the study of the 6 elements and the 5 layers. It provides a verifiable, rational and applicable method through which to approach any condition.

The practical methods which can be employed in Thai Massage are many and varied, once there is understanding of the nature of the problem then the correct technique can be applied. Emphasis is given to the correct principles of intervening in the physical body to allow healing to occur. For the purposes of practice and teaching we sometimes introduce mini sequences with the specific intent to treat a certain condition, but generally students are encouraged to only act according to their own experience and understanding.

We try to avoid terminology and concepts deriving from other healing modalities, including modern medical and therapeutic theories except where it is simply a matter of giving a name to anatomical parts. In the relation of the parts and the supposed mechanism of pain and dysfunction, we rely solely on Traditional concepts.

  "Sometimes we do with the heart, sometimes with the mind, it depends. "

Eventi in Italia

May 13-17th 2014:

 Intensive Residential in Umbria


January 2015:

Formazione a Cagliari!

Febbraio 2015:

Formazione 60 ore a Roma