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School of Thai Healing Arts




The Traditional code of conduct for a practitioner

of Traditional Thai Massage is as follows:





























































  • Ten Negative Actions to Uproot

Refrain from killing or harming others.

Refrain from taking that which is not given.

Refrain from sexual misconduct.

Refrain from false speech.

Refrain from speech which causes discord.

Refrain from harsh speech.

Refrain from gossip and idol chatter.

Refrain from coveting.

Refrain from ill will.

Refrain from wrong view.

Cultivate the opposite of all of the above... For example, instead of harming

others, helping others. Instead of speaking falsehoods, be honest. Etc.

  • Maintain and Cultivate the Four Brahmavihara
  1. Good Will / Loving Kindness
  2. Compassion
  3. Sympathetic Joy
  4. Equanimity

Right Conduct for a Massage Therapist

Refrain from abuse/misuse of alcohol and/or intoxicants.

Refrain from speaking poorly of other therapists and teachers.

Refrain from boasting about your skill.

Refrain from promising to treat or heal someone when you know you can't help them.

Seek advice from your teachers and others whose wisdom/knowledge/etc. you can be learned from.