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School of Thai Healing Arts


Courses at SOTHA have 2 formats, the modulare approach consisting of the  Basic Training courses BT01 and BT02 courses and further weekend courses, which can be taken when one wants, or the Professional 150 hour Diploma DIP150 which entails a much deeper exploration of all aspects of Nuad Bo Ruan. With DIP150 we hope to provide high quality instruction aimed at producing practitioners who can demonstrate that Nuad Bo Ruan is a complete bodywork modality equal to any other as well as being a spiritual practice.

At present DIP150 is only available in Italy as a year long course, but is offered as a  residential course in UK consisting of 4, 7 day retreats held over 1 year. 

Our trainings result from studies at numerous schools in Thailand and elsewhere, 13 years of practice and teaching, and our studies with a Traditional Medicine Doctor from the Lanna Northern Thai Tradition.

Authentic Traditions consist of 3 parts: Ancient texts handed down from Teacher to student, Oral instruction in interpretation of the texts, and personal experience and verification. The Lanna tradition is perhaps the oldest and least disturbed Medical tradition in Thailand, and advanced trainings in our school involve adhering to the precepts of the living tradition.






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