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School of Thai Healing Arts

Basic Training Courses BT01 and BT02                                                                                                     Register On Line! 


This is the detailed information on the Basic training courses BT01 and BT02. The courses can be taken independently in 2 groups of 5 days or together as a single 10 day course. Each course teaches a 60 minute routine for the whole body: BT01 (prone and Supine), BT02 (Side and seated positions and abdominal thoracic massage) . Included in the BT01 and BT02 courses: Illustrated manual, Interactive DVD, Certificate of Attendance


BT01 and BT02 are part of a range of courses which includes higher level training, INT01 and INT02, advanced training ADV01 and ADV02, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Herbal Massage, Thai Spa Massage, Thai Table Massage and Reusi Dutton (thai yoga). BT01 and BT02 are pre-requisites for learning all the other courses except Thai Foot Massage and Reusi Dutton.


A synopsis of the course follows:


BT01 (Prone and Supine sequence): class attendance time 30 hours

                                    theory: 5 hours

                                    practical: 25 hours


BT02 (Side and Seated sequence): class attendance time 30 hours

                        theory: 2 hours

                        practical: 28 hours



DIPLOMA*  (Revision and completion ) 20 case studies plus class attendance 15 hours     (including practical exam)


*SAWA'DEE International Diploma in Nuad Thai Bo Ruan is recognised an approved for International professional Indemnity Insurance



Course content in detail:


Level 1 (BT01):

Sequence for the Supine and Prone positions (30 hours)



  • Introduction
  • History of Nuad Thai Bo Ruan
  • Shivaka komarpaj patron saint of thai medicine
  • The traditional Prayer
  • Buddhist principles in Nuad Thai
  • Code of conduct of practitioners
  • Nuad thai: oriental massage theory
  • Nuad thai: occidental massage theory
  • Nuad thai as holistic massage therapy
  • Mind, body , breath
  • The 10 sen (energy channels)
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Muscle and fascia, basic considerations

Muscles of the body treated in this sequence, origins and insertions


The techniques of Nuad Thai


  • Posture and movement
  • Body geometry (triangles and pyramids)
  • Thai mechanics (sticks and ropes)
  • Force without effort
  • Attention without tension
  • How to use gravity, centering
  • The body pendulum
  • Breath considerations
  • Transition movements


 Practice: full body sequence


Supine position:


  • energy and anatomy of the foot
  • foot massage
  • energy lines and anatomy of the legs
  • leg massage
  • a.       5 step sequence
  • b.       energy line location
  • opening the hips
  • palm press the inner leg
  • leg massage with feet
  • flexed knee sequence
  • Anterior thigh stretch
  • Posterior thigh stretch
  • Medial thigh stretch
  • Lateral thigh stretch
  • cross body stretch
  • Raised leg inversions
  • turning the body


Prone position:


Posterior energy lines and anatomy


  • posterior leg massage
  • leg lift and psoas stretch
  • fore arm thigh press
  • gluteus massage
  • back massage
  • a.       5 step sequence
  • b.       energy line location
  • cobra lift


Turn body over to supine position.


Supine position:


  • arm massage
  • a.       5 step sequence
  • b.       energy line location


    opening the shoulders


    • Neck and shoulder massage
    • Trapezius stretch
    • Massage of scalenes
    • Massage of rhomboids
    • Release of spinalis capitis
    • Head and face massage
    • Pressing the 5 points
    • 3 circle face massage
    • closing



    Level 2:  Sequence in the side and seated positions (35 hours)


    Practice: full body sequence


    Side Position:


    • pressing with the feet
    • foot massage
    • leg massage
    • a.       5 step sequence
    • b.       energy line location
    • hip massage
    • back massage
    • a.       5 step sequence
    • b.       energy line location
    • c.       psoas stretch
    •  shoulder massage
    •  opening the chest
    •  scapular release with foot
    •  arm massage
    •  cross body stretch and lift


    Turn body to supine position



    Massage of the anterior torso (Abdomen, Chest)


    • Massage of the abdomen
    • Abdominal wave
    • 9 point radial press and slide
    • 6 point acupressure
    • Radial palm rolling
    • Diaphragm release
    • Palm contact and presence 
    • Chest massage
    • Sternum massage
    • Sub clavius press
    • Intercostal massage
    • Rib pressing and rolling
    • lifting the client to seated position



    Seated position massage


    • Trapezius press and arm roll
    • Lateral neck stretches
    • Shoulder release
    • Rhomboid press with arm lift
    • Scapular press and lift with shoulder pull
    • Hacking and percussion
    • Opening the chest (Butterfly breathing)
    • Foot to back press
    • Forward bend and press
    • Back twists and stretches
    • Facial massage

    Professional practice:


    • contra-indication of massage
    • client interaction
    • hygiene
    • after treatment care and advice
    • record keeping



    CERTIFICATE: Upon completion of each course the student will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance.


    DIPLOMA*: The Diploma in Nuad Thai will be given only after completion of the courses and 20 case studies and passing the practical exam.


    Upon completion of both courses and the case studies students who wish to receive the diploma will be eligible attend the Revision and Completion course and take the Diploma exam. 


    Revision and completion course (20 hours)


    Before attending the Revision and Completion course, students will complete 20 recorded treatments  and return for a 2 day refresher course followed by a written and practical examination. If successful they will then be awarded the  professional training diploma from SOTHA.




    Further Training:


    TH01 Thai Herbal masssage using steam heated herbs in a cotton compress


    TF01 Thai Foot massage, using herbal balms, oils and wooden stick


    INT01  Intermediate level training  (15 hours)


    This course builds on the foundation course BT01 and BT02 , showing alternative techniques and applications and consolidating the skilll and competence of the student


    INT02  Intermediate level training  (15 hours)

    This course introduces more skillfull techniques and variations, including body lifts and 3 point stretches.


    TT01  Thai table Massage  (30 hours)

    The application of the techniques taught in INT01 and INT02 adapted to use on a massage table. This course is aimed at traditional masseurs who do not wish to work on the floor, or in the spa environment. The techniques are adapted to take into account the different body mechanics involved. the sequence is a 1 hour routine.


    TS01  Thai Spa massage  (30 hours)

    A massage sequence involving the use of oils and herbal compresses. This sequence is performed on the naked body and involves the use of special oils and herbs .