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School of Thai Healing Arts

Om namo Jivaka Sirasa Ahang

Karuniko Sabba Sattanang, Osatha Dibbamantang

Pabhaso Suriya Chandang Komarabhacco

Pakasesi Vandami Pandito Sumedhaso Aroga Sumana Homi


“Om I pay homage with my head to Jivaka”

“Who out of compassion for all sentient beings has brought us to divine medicine”

“He who shines as bright as the Sun and Moon, Komarabhacco”

“I hereby declare my respect to the great pandit, the intelligent and wise one.  May I be happy and free of illness.”

With these words, hands together and head bowed, the practitioner of Buad Bo ruan, performs the Wai Khru or hommage to the teacher.

Shivaka Komarpaj is a legendary figure in Thai Medicine, a kind of Patron saint, second only to the Bhudda. He is a historical person, a contemporary of the Bhudda and physician to the sanga (Bhuddist community)

As told in the pali scriptures his early life is as follows:

"Salavati, a courtesan of Rajagaha, gave birth to a son who was then given to a servant woman, who placed him in a winnowing basket, which was thrown on a rubbish heap...The infant is taken and raised by the King's son Abhaya....The boy is given the name Jivaka because he was "alive" (from the root jiv, to live), and because a prince cared for him he is called Komarbhacca (nourished by a prince), Jivaka, as he aproached the age at which he must seek his own livelyhood, decided to learn the medical craft. Hearing about a world famous physician in Taxila, he traveled to that city, famous for education, to apprentice with the eminent doctor. Aftre seven years of study , he took a practical exam, passed with extraordinary success, and with the belssings of his mentor, went off to study medicine"

Kenneth Zysk (re-produced in Encyclopedia of Thai Massage by C. Pierce Salguero, p 9)