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School of Thai Healing Arts



Nemir H Adjina BA, PgD




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First introduction to therapeutic massage from Brasilian Master Shedar Baba, including Character formation, Reichian Character theory and esoteric development (man of Helios) . It was after performing a powerful massage I had a vision of the life essence as a dancing flame. Initiated studies in Martial Arts and brazilian folk samba (participated in South Bank Latin Music festival 1988 with Afro Brazilian band Oshumare.


In 1988 I undertook 3 month training in Shiatsu Do at the east-west center in London, UK               


Continued studies in TaeKwon Do and Hap Ki Do with Mounir Ghrawi 6th Dan, gaining Dan grade in 1997

Studies in Sivananda Yoga with Dr S Kanchan. During this period I was regularly experiencing light and bliss and powerful energies during my spiritual practice, be it meditation or prayer, and sought explanation from various Spiritual guides.


An existential crisis in 1997 provoked profound life changes, I left Architecture and embarked on a search for a new career, this led me to New York and a week of Bio-Energetic work with Alexander Lowen MD, during which I made contact with the  immense energies lying hidden in the body, an event which continues to shape my view of life.


Returning to the UK I studied Biodynamic Massage at the Chiron Centre and took further studies in Human Biology in preparation for a return to University Study

However a  synchronistic event led to my discovery of Thai Massage and in July 2000 I enrolled to study at the Bodyharmonics Centre in Cheltenham, obtaining the ITEC Diploma in Thai Massage, Anatomy and Physiology. Further advanced studies followed , and visits to Thailand to study at numerous schools and Institutes, including an Internship at MaeOnHospital, near Chiang Mai, a rare privilege for a foreigner. I also apprenticed  and taught and practiced at the Chuang Puak gate center for massage by the Blind run by Master Sinchai Sukparset.


Presently I am pursuing Yoga Teacher Training Studies under the auspices of Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation and continuing my studies of Nuad Bo ruan, of which I feel I have only scratched the surface.



Professional Experience


2001- 2009                 Practitioner and Teacher of Thai Yoga Massage(Nuat thai

                                 Bo Ruan) in Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Mexico,

                                 Argentina, Caribbean;

                                 Founder and Director of SAWA’DEE International School of Nuad Thai Bo Ruan


2004-2005                   Clinical MassageInternMaeOnHospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand

                                  Teacher and practitioner at Chuang Phuak Place Clinical  

                                  Massage Centre for Blind Therapists, under direction of

                                  Sinchai Sukparsert, Chiang Mai , Thailand


2003-2004                  PURE Medicine, Harley Street, London.






2005                           Diploma Advanced Nerve TouchR Institute, Chiang Mai Thailand; Diploma Basic, Advanced, Therapeutic Thai Massage, TMC, Chiang Mai, Thailand (appr. Thai Ministry of Education)

2004                            Diploma Institute ShivakaKomarpaj, Chiang Mai, Thailand (appr. Thai Ministry of Education)

2004                           Diploma Nerve TouchR Institute, Chiang Mai Thailand

2002                           Diploma BhTEC Master Practitioner Traditional Thai  Massage (UK) ;

                                  Diploma Thai Sports Injury and Rehabilitation (UK)

2001                           Diploma ITEC Traditional Thai Massage Anatomy and Physiology (Distinction) UK;      

                                  Diploma BhTEC Traditional Thai Massage (Distinction) UK


1984                           BA(Hons) Architecture, Univ.Westminster. London 

1987                           Diploma. Arch. Univ. Westminster. London



Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, French